Understanding Fragrances Concentrations

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Which is better according to quality and price? What is the difference between the different perfume formats we find in the market? Has ever happened to you, that when going to buy a fragrance they have come across different formats of essences, and you don’t know which one choose ?. There are the colognes, the eau de parfum or eau de toilette, the perfumes, elixirs ... Today we will explain each of the olfactory concentrations according to their type. And which one suits you according to your needs.

It has a dosage of 6% to 8% concentration, which makes it light and perfect for tropical climates, and hot, given that it will keep you cool, the fragrance usually fits well with your natural essence. The trouble is that the aroma will remain with you for a short time.


Eau de Toilette
It has an approximate concentration of 8% to 15%, it’s light, but unlike the colognes, the fixation of this format is greater, lasting up to about 3 hours after applying the product. It’s ideal for hot climates.

Eau de Parfum
Its concentration of essence increases from 16% to 18%, having an approximate duration of 6 hours after its application. It can be used in hot climates, however we recommend that it be used for cooler occasions, given that this format is quite strong.


Here increases our concentration level from 20% to 30%, depending on the fragrance, the duration can be about eight hours or more, this will also depend on the PH of the person. It’s advisable to measure the exact amounts of placement, so as not to saturate the smell of the skin. It adapts to any type of climate, but this type of format is much more formal.


This format, usually sold in 30ml bottles, and in many cases the perfume companies take them depending on the fragrance and its acceptance. Elixirs tend to have a higher degree of concentration compared to perfumes, varying between 30% and 40%, being an intense version of the fragrance.


Perfume Oil
This is the maximun concentration that exists for fragrances, they usually las longer than anything else because they only contain essential oils and eliminated all the other compounds tha can chage the nature of its essence, as alcohol, water etc. This is ideal for the people who likes a fragrance to stay all day (and nigth). Is also the best format used for producing the less concentrated fragrances types.


In BestPerfumeOils.com you can find uncutted and pure fragrance oils, suitable for the skin and can be used for a variety of frangrance concetrations of perfume, but also for soap making, candle making, inciense etc. the possibilities are infinity.


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