Why Perfume oils?

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often overlook the essential thing that is the freshness and security that gives you a good smell, in fact it becomes even a personal challenge to take a space to make sure everything is in place , between walking from here to there, and from there to here, who really has time to run home to change clothes and to perfume?, for this same reason we sometimes overlook that our essence, that smell that we emanate, is an expression of our personality.


1.- Duration: Nothing can't beat the duration on the skin of a good Perfume Oil. They can last 4 to 5 times more than conventional fragances, given that they have the ability to adhere to the skin, so they become part of your natural smell.


2.- Less likely to irritate: unlike spray perfumes, which contain strong degrees of alcohol, and dehydrating chemicals; perfume oils, are moisturizers, which makes them suitable for any type of skin.


3.- An stronger smell: The oil develops rapidly on the skin and reveals its main notes immediately. It has a tendency to moisten fresh, lighter notes which lead to an aroma that is more constant, making it fresh and natural.


4.- Your get what you pay for: Oil perfumes are generally more expensive that other versions of a fragrance, but you definitely you  will get what you are paying for; an small roller of perfume oil can last twice a 1.8 oz perfume spray (eau de toilette), because you only need to apply a little of the oil to get the same the same intensity of an spray. They usually come in smaller, more practical bottles. 


5.- Natural formula: Although they contain the same dosage of conventional fragrances, Perfumes Oils have natural oils, which allow consumers a different experience and adapt to the PH of each body.


6.- They are perceived differently: Given that they become authentic aromas of the person, enhancing the natural essence.


7.- Versatility: They can be used for the making of soaps, perfumes and body lotions, making them the favorite raw material of craftsmen around the world.


Now that you know why Perfume Oils are superior in any way to any other form of fragrances give them a try, and don't forget, Best Perfume Oils are "A" Grade pure perfume oils without any additives, that can be your best friends forever.


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